Snow Day Outfit





Lip // Marc by Marc Jacobs

Scarf // Avocado

Coat // Forever 21

Longsleeve // Gap

Purse // Kate Spade

Gloves // Target

Jeans // Target

Boots // Hunter Boots

Texas weather has been crazy lately. Last Friday, it was snowing and this week feels like autumn and it’ll also be raining this weekend. Every time it snows in Texas, I get so pumped. Usually it doesn’t stick but this time it did.

I was on my way to Panera when I noticed it flurrying a little and it started to get worse so my friend and I cut our catch-up date short.

Since it’s a rare occurrence in Texas, I decided to document my outfit. My dad always tells me the first day of snow is the worst because people don’t know how to drive and there are more chances of accidents. I ended up working on my big assignment because it was due the following Tuesday.

I normally don’t wear red lipstick but I decided to change it up a little because I thought it was fitting and winter-y. I really want to get into red lipstick more but I’m afraid that it’ll get everywhere and no one will tell me.

Now I’m going to study because my wintermester class is finally wrapping up. Hope yall are having a great week!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.48.16 PM


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