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Gift Guide: Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your BFF

Hey yall!

Can you believe Christmas is this week? It’s really snuck up this year.

If you’re still shopping for last minute gifts, hopefully this gift guide can help you out!

1. Fuzzy socks
Check out the dollar store, or Walmart!

2. Fuzzy blanket
You can never go wrong with a fuzzy blanket.
Check out: Costco, Ross, Target, or Walmart!

3. Fuzzy Robe
Check out Aerie, Target, or any department store!
(I’m clearly digging the whole “fuzzy thing”)

4. Glove with touch sensitive tips
These are so helpful in the winter months and you don’t want your hands to freeze off.

5. Candles
I’m a sucker for cute candles.
Check out: Anthropologie or Bath & Body Works!

6. Water bottle
I LOVE this water bottle. Gold has become an obsession lately and this is gorgeous!
Check out: Francesca’s or Charming Charlie!

7. Cute mug
I’m a sucker for cute mugs. If I could collect one thing, it’d be cute mugs.
Check out: Nordstrom, Francesca’s, Charming Charlie, and Anthropologie!

8. Bath bombs
When I think of bath bombs, I think of winter and how cozy it’d be to take a bath.

I hope this helped! Happy holidays!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.48.16 PM

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