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Best Foods to Eat in Class

Hi everyone,

Fall semester starts for me on tomorrow! I feel like summer flew by but then again, I was in summer school all summer.  BUT it also means it’s my last year of school!
This semester, I have 3 classes back to back from 11-3:20 so I’ll eat food before class but I will also need to eat during class.I thought I’d come up with some good foods to eat during class. I know for me, I get so paranoid that I’m being too loud.

*Be mindful of the students around you who may be allergic and it also depends whether you’re in a big class or not and on your teacher.*

Here are some snack/lunch ideas for when your day is long and you have to eat during class!

  1. Fruit. I either really love fruit or I don’t. Good examples are cut up mango, berries, grapes, banana, etc.
  2. Bars – I’d recommend cereal bars or protein bars but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the granola bars because they tend to be louder and messier. I love going to Whole Foods and looking at the ingredients of protein/energy bars and what’s the best for me
  3. Sandwich/wrap/pita pocket – peanut butter/jelly/honey, turkey, etc!
    Maybe even cut up a sandwich to make sure it’s easier to eat but make sure it’s wrapped up well to make sure it doesn’t spill.
  4. Fruit snacks! Annie’s are my favorite. I go for the berry ones and avoid the yellow and orange ones.
  5. Chia Squeeze – the texture is kind of weird but if you can get used to it, it’s pretty good.
  6. Smoothies! I typically add spinach (you honestly can’t taste it), frozen berries, greek yogurt (sometimes), a banana, and chia seeds! You can also add your nut butter of your choice.
  7. Protein balls – I’ve used this recipe and it’s delicious. I substituted peanut butter for almond butter.
  8. String cheese or Babybel – I don’t do this because I don’t like room temperature cheese but if you’re okay with that, go for it!
  9. Nuts – I used to snack on almonds during breaks. You can buy 100 calorie portion sandwich bags from Kroger, get normal sized sandwich bags or get the individually packaged ones!
  10. Goldfish/Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies/Cheez-Its – it may be too loud but totally depends on you
  11. Hummus and pretzel chips
    I love Sabre red pepper hummus and Love and Hummus lemon hummus from Whole Foods (it’s in a glass container)
    Source credit: love and hummus
  12. Dried fruit – not always the best for you but sometimes they’re really sweet and tasty
  13. Banana/plaintain chips – I found some that are chili flavored and they’re so so good!

Again, I wanted to reiterate the importance of being mindful of the students around you. Some people are severely allergic! I’d also advise against food that’s really fragrant.

I hope this is helpful and good luck with school!

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