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Blue Mountains and VIVIDly remembering Sydney

Hey yall! Hope you’re all having a great week so far!
It’s time for another installment of Annventures in Australia! This was a pretty fun week.
I’m still trying to get a hang of blogging so bear with me.
Luckily, my mom and I came at the best time of year. They were having Vivid, and we got to go again this year. It’s always super crowded especially on weekends, so if you plan to go next year, I’d advise you to go on a weekday.
My aunt, cousin, mom, and I went into this kaleidoscope room and it was pretty cool inside.
Later, we went to Luna Park. If you’ve never heard of it, there’s one in New York at Coney Island. They had a Coney Island at Luna Park in Australia too. Speaking of Coney Island, I went a couple of years ago with some friends and had the best time. The Wanted shot a music video at the Coney Island back in NY and my friends and I are huge fans so we decided to go there for the day. My friend and I got the workers at one of the rides to play a TW song as well.
Towards the end of the week, my family and I went to Blue Mountains. Along the way we took detours. We went apple picking! I’ve never been fruit picking before and it was pretty fun! You get to take a whole bag full of what you picked out.
We went to the Blue Mountain Botanical Gardens and this was the view from the deck area and below. A couple pictures don’t really do it justice.
We kept driving and it was full on autumn. I love autumn/fall because the leave changes look so pretty.
We went to a peak called the Three Sisters, which was kind of funny because my mom was with her sister and they have another sister. I wish they could’ve all been there together.
I also had my first proper Australian meat pie. Not bad.
Check out my vlog here!

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