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P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

Hey yall!

This summer I went to Sydney, Australia to visit my family with my mom. The past two years my mom and I have gone to Australia to visit her mom and siblings. This time, I decided to vlog/blog my trip in order to remember it better. 

I’m never a big fan of long flights, especially 17 hour flights, but thankfully, Qantas Airlines has a great selection of shows and movies.

It was autumn/winter in Australia so it was such nice change from the Texas heat I had to go back to, about 3 weeks after.

Here’s about my first week in my Australian Annventure.

Every year around mid-May to early June, Sydney has an event called Vivid. This year, Vivid expanded to several more places such as Chatswood, and many other places. 

On our second day, my aunt took my mom, grandma, and me to a place called Middle Head. It had a spectacular view. Is it really a trip until your mom makes you take goofy pictures? 

We also went to a place called Balmoral Beach. The thing I love about Australia is that beaches are plentiful and there are a lot of places to sit and appreciate all the nature. 

That Sunday, I went to Hillsong Church at Macquarie Centre and it was in a cinema. The last time I went to Hillsong Church in Australia, it was in an actual building and was definitely a change. 

I sat second row and the sermon was on the screen. It gave me a headache but the pastor had a good message – that even though life is hard that God is still good. Life being hard doesn’t mean God isn’t good. It was a really good reminder, especially for the days that life gets hard. 

After, my new friend Kristy and I decided to go see the university nearby.

Check out my vlog from week 1, here!

If you want to see more of what I did in depth, you can check out my vlog of my first week in Australia! 


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