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22 Things About Me

We’ve all heard the Taylor Swift song, 22. That catchy song that you can’t help but sing to on repeat, especially on your 22nd birthday.

About a week ago, I turned 22. It was filled with studying, family, friendship, and food.

To introduce yall to my blog, I’d like to share 22 things about me in order for you to understand me a bit more. I hope yall will follow my journey as I try to navigate my way through life with the help of Christ, my family, my friends, and whoever else I meet along the way.

1. Most importantly, I’m a child of God. He has been so gracious to me.
2. I have a half brother and a half sister who are both wonderful.
3. I have two adorable nieces and my third niece is coming on her way!
4. I’m currently a Public Relations major.
5. I really love water. Like really love water.
6. I’m not a great writer so I hope that writing this blog will improve my writing skills.
7. Being from Texas, I’m a huge Tex Mex lover.
8. One time, my friends and I went to two concerts of the same band in the same day.
9. I have dual citizenship to Australia because my mom used to live there/has dual citizenship as well.
10. I don’t have an Australian accent or anything, since I was born and raised here in Texas. I became a citizen 7 years ago and no one told me.
11. I’m a huge crier in movies. Especially animated. Or with dogs. Even both.
12. I really love my cat. Her name is Miao.
13. If I had to move to another country, I’d probably say Australia. The train systems are so easy to use but the bad thing is that everything closes early. Thursday is their “shopping day” which means their stores open until 9p.
14. My favorite store is Target.
15. I’m a huge Harry Potter lover.
16. As you can tell from my blog title, I like dresses. They’re so effortless. You may think it took a lot of effort to dress up, but no, I was just lazy. 😉
17. I’m not a big makeup wearer. Only for special occasions.
18. Mint is my favorite color. Mint To Be? Yes. I also like turquoise and I lump those colors all together.
19. I’m a huge fan of sunsets and skylines.
20. LA is one of my favorite places.
21. I’m a salad person. I just love salad.
22. Yes, I’m 22, and I’m definitely feeling it. 😉


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