Snow Day Outfit

Lip // Marc by Marc Jacobs Scarf // Avocado Coat // Forever 21 Longsleeve // Gap Purse // Kate Spade Gloves // Target Jeans // Target Boots // Hunter Boots Texas weather has been crazy lately. Last Friday, it was snowing and this week feels like autumn and it’ll also be raining this weekend. Every time it snows in Texas,…

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DIY Christmas Sweater

Hey yall! This year, I recreated the sweater I DIYed three years ago. I know I’m cutting it a little close to Christmas but I hope you can still wear this! The reason I’m recreating it again is because I let my sister borrow it and she didn’t give it back… It’s totally okay though! What I used: green sweater,…

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Last year, I was less busy and able to post more consistently but this year, I’ve been a little busier with school. That being said, I hope you all are enjoying Vlogmas even though I know I don’t post as often as I’d like to.