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Last year, I was less busy and able to post more consistently but this year, I’ve been a little busier with school. That being said, I hope you all are enjoying Vlogmas even though I know I don’t post as often as I’d like to.

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This year, I decided to follow my tradition of doing Vlogmas! If you don’t know what Vlogmas is, it’s when you basically vlog everyday until Christmas. I had a bit of a rocky start this year. My computer ended up dying and I didn’t have a charger which is why I haven’t been able to upload. Please bear with me…

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KOALAty time in Australia

Hey yall! Can you believe this is my last post about Australia for a while? I sincerely hope yall enjoyed this little series as much as I did. If yall ever get the chance, please do visit Australia. It’s beautiful! My uncle kept telling me I should live there someday. It all depends on what God has in store for…

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