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A Day at Magnolia

Top//h&m Necklace//Kendra Scott Shorts//J.Crew Factory Sandals//Steve Madden The top may look familiar since I wore it to my date party last semester. This outfit has been my go-to for at least two other occasions. During the Friday of spring break (and St. Patrick’s Day), my friend and I went to Magnolia in Waco, Texas. I’ve always wanted to go so I…

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Laneige BB Cushion REVIEW

Hey yall! Recently, I decided to transition over from my Smashbox foundation to something a lot lighter. There’s something about a full-face of makeup that makes me feel physically tired. For many years I wouldn’t wear much makeup so maybe that’s where that comes from. It’s weird, I know. My friend was telling me about BB cushions so I decided to…

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Friday Night Funsies

My sorority had a date party and it was a Mavericks game. Date party ≠ date. It can be whoever – a guy, a girl, someone you like, someone you’re just friends with, etc. This game was the home season opener against the Houston Rockets. My very first Mavericks game was actually a Mavericks/Rockets game in fourth grade and we ended…

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Everything Has Changed

This time last year, I was still an exercise major. I needed some credit fulfilled and Intro to PR was the only class that worked out. I ended up taking one of my favorite professors, Professor Wigley and she’s part of the reason why I ended up making the switch to PR. She made things fun — we spent an…

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22 Things About Me

We’ve all heard the Taylor Swift song, 22. That catchy song that you can’t help but sing to on repeat, especially on your 22nd birthday. About a week ago, I turned 22. It was filled with studying, family, friendship, and food. To introduce yall to my blog, I’d like to share 22 things about me in order for you to…

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