3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Summer

breakfast with flowers

During the school year, for breakfast, I’d throw together something quick like fruit. Now that it’s officially summer, I have had more time to make breakfast, so I thought I’d share with yall what I’ve been enjoying so far. I’ve been wanting to do more food-related posts so I hope you enjoy!

Avocado toast
1. Avocado toast
You can also add feta, or an egg to top it off!
-An avocado
-Smoked salmon (optional)
-Lemon (optional)
-Whatever seasoning you like

-Put bread into toast.
-Cut an avocado in half.
-Use a spoon to put it into a bowl and mash it up with a squeeze of lemon
-Scoop out and transfer to toast
-Season or squeeze a little more lemon
-Add smoked salmon (optional)


2. Yogurt with fruit and granola
I’ve been using this coconut yogurt because I haven’t handling dairy very well lately. You can also use greek yogurt. You can also substitute the yogurt for oatmeal or smoothie bowl (might do a post on this later!!)
Yogurt. Fruit. Granola. Arrange however you’d like!

waffles with berries
3. Waffle with fruit
-Waffle (I’m using whole-grain)
-Fruit (berries)
-Put waffle into toaster
-Take some yogurt and spread on waffle
-Add berries or whatever fruit you’d like

What’re your favorite healthy breakfasts?

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