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Last Minute Easter Outfits

Hey yall! Happy (Good) Friday! It’s been a busy week – one of my Littles got initiated on Sunday so I was preparing her initiation basket by crafting and gifting her cute items. Wednesday marked a MONTH until I graduate. In between all that, I’ve been trying to apply for jobs, work on my blog and brainstorm ideas for my cap. Eeeep. I can’t believe that college is almost over for me yet there’s still so much to do.

This weekend is Easter which means besides all the easter egg hunts and candy, it’s the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. I’m so thankful for God sending His Son to die for us and am constantly trying to remind myself of it each day. I’ve been stressing and worrying about what’s going to happen after college but I’m reminded that God’s got this. He’s got something amazing planned so I need to take a step back and allow Jesus to take the wheel.

Today I thought I’d share last minute easter outfits. I’m a huge fan of lace and floral during spring. “Florals for spring, groundbreaking.” I also realized that 3/4 of these outfits are floral and that was unintentional.

I think I may wear an old favorite of mine from Forever 21 – it’s a teal lace dress that’s been through a lot – a wedding, Easter a couple of years ago and climbing up Graffiti Park (I honestly don’t know how I pulled that off.)  Alternatively, I may wear my pink dress from a couple blog posts ago.

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1. lace dress
2. floral cut out/off the shoulder dress
3. floral romper
4. floral dress

What are you planning to wear for Easter? Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

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