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5 Tips for Getting an Internship

Happy March!

I feel like March is around the time where people (should) start looking for internships for summer. I’ve had some experience with internships so I thought I’d share with yall my tips!

  1. Join an organization for your major!
    I joined an organization for my major and at one of our mixers with the professionals, one of the professionals told us that he was looking for interns at his company and I had a resume on hand and I handed it to him and also emailed it to him. Eventually it led to email back and I got the internship.
  2. Pay attention to things in your major.
    Cathy, our support specialist for our department, posts about different internships on social media, emails us and physically posts it outside her office.
  3. Intern Queen!
    You can search for different internships and upload your cv and a resume upon it.
  4. LinkedIn.
    You can create job alerts for different jobs/majors and get them emailed to you.
    Everyone always says “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” which is totally true.

Happy hunting!

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