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Laneige BB Cushion REVIEW

Hey yall! Recently, I decided to transition over from my Smashbox foundation to something a lot lighter.

There’s something about a full-face of makeup that makes me feel physically tired. For many years I wouldn’t wear much makeup so maybe that’s where that comes from. It’s weird, I know.

My friend was telling me about BB cushions so I decided to give it a try. I wanted to try the Asian ones because they’re kind of the ones who ‘started’ BB cushions and I know I fit their skin tones. Originally I started at Sephora and tried the AmorePacific BB cushion. It was good but I couldn’t justify spending $60 even with receiving a second BB cushion sponge.


I decided to go to Target instead and try Laneige since it is a cheaper alternative. ($35!) Laneige’s parent company is AmorePacific. I got the lightest shade (obviously). Although my friend told me I looked tan and I was surprised.


Anyway, you press the antibacterial puff to the sponge to get the product. Then you press it onto your face and gently blot it in. (I promise it’s not this dar..) Target has a 90-day return policy on MOST opened products so you could definitely go off of trial and error.

A great thing about this product is that it has pretty good coverage already, but you could definitely layer on it if you needed to.Ever since I’ve tried it, it’s made my makeup routine so much easier.

I hope this has been helpful and it inspires you to try it out. What’s your go-to foundation?

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