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Everything Has Changed

This time last year, I was still an exercise major. I needed some credit fulfilled and Intro to PR was the only class that worked out. I ended up taking one of my favorite professors, Professor Wigley and she’s part of the reason why I ended up making the switch to PR. She made things fun — we spent an entire class period watching commercials *some I sent to her* and everyone was in the feels.

I frequently replied to Professor Wigley’s tweets which led me to win a gift card AND get a trophy which was filled with candy. It was my How To Get Away With Murder moment, minus all the drama.

She allowed us freedom to do whatever we wanted with our presentations and we used the show Suits.

This past summer, I ended up making the switch to PR and Wigley was super excited/surprised to see me in the Communications office.

Looking back, it’s funny looking back thinking about how life was so different just a year ago, or even a semester ago. I may have thought it was coincidence, but God has mysterious ways of having things work out. Sure, it would’ve been great if I didn’t have to go through a class twice and my GPA isn’t as good as I’d like now but you know what? That’s okay. Some say GPA is just a number, which it is, but it’s also kind of important. When I’m old, I won’t be thinking of what my GPA was but how good God has been to me and how I’ve been able to glorify God.

God takes care of us and I’m so happy about where I am. It’s so great being in a major that I actually like and am excited for in the future. Sure, it’s going to be hard, like all majors are in their own ways, but I’m glad to be in a major where I’m excited for post-graduation.

God gives us trials and tribulations and at the time we’re left wondering why these things happen but in the end, we see that God makes us go through things for a reason. He allows us to rely on Him more. We just need to trust and obey.


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