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KOALAty time in Australia

Hey yall!
Can you believe this is my last post about Australia for a while? I sincerely hope yall enjoyed this little series as much as I did.
If yall ever get the chance, please do visit Australia. It’s beautiful! My uncle kept telling me I should live there someday. It all depends on what God has in store for me. ūüôā
The koalas I saw at the Sydney Wildlife Zoo were so adorable.
I got to go to the Taronga Zoo with my mom. We went up to the top in a cable car and you walk down to the bottom. It has a great view of the zoo, Sydney bridge, and the Opera House.
Australia has some beautiful sunsets.
One of the things I love about Bondi beach is that there’s a lot of pretty¬†graffiti. There are also lots of pretty walks you can go on.¬†I want to swim in the¬†Bondi Icebergs (the pool shown above).
It’s been awesome being able to share this with yall. My time in Australia was awesome and I got to spend some KOALAty time with my family.
Here‘s my week 4 vlog.

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